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But you can join the wait-list for Cohort 3, starting in October, 2022

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You can join the wait list for the next cohort starting in October.

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Big special welcome to you, thank you for visiting this page. If I may ask, where have you been?

I know it’s no coincidence, definitely, it’s not. One thing I know we have in common straight away is intentionality! You’re deliberate about your growth and the outcomes of your life. You don’t want to leave things to chance, thank you for that. And that’s one thing that has characterised my journey so far as well.



As a young adult, I finished from school with good grades, a First Class degree at that. I was told to quickly ‘settle down and build my career.’ But I wasn’t told how to. I was told to live my dreams, but all I had were ambitions, I never knew if I had a dream or a nightmare.

My plan was to live the same selfish kind of life I saw others lived – get a job, get married, build assets, raise children, let them raise you, lol and then, like my audience have always answered whenever I ask, ‘die’. Come to think of it, isn’t there more? Those things are good no doubt, but what more? How can my life impact the world? How can I make income, impact, and influence my world positively? When my name is punched inside search engines, what pops out beyond my social media handles? How do I navigate this realm called life? What’s the big picture?

People talk about what they do for a living but are not sure of their purpose for living. My senses got me a first class but couldn’t help me to find essence. April 12th 2011 became my second birthday because that day, I found why I was born on June 4th. Getting clarity about my purpose for living in the first place shifted me from the typical ‘survival’ mode to the ‘significance’ mode. Research says only 3% of the world’s population has a definition of where they’re going in life. As a result, the graveyard has more unfulfilled dreams and potentials buried beneath the soil. What a tragedy.

My Journey to Life Harmony

Because of the clarity of my life’s purpose, I was able to figure out where I was headed and find my true north.


I knew the right courses for my cause of life plus the most suitable career vehicle to board and the kinds of work and jobs to take.


Not only that, I knew who to take along on my journey; the right kind of friends, mentors, partners, and soulmate. I found my wife, Sarah as a gift from God along the way of my journey to purpose. It wasn’t by guesses and the deceptive lures of ‘perfect pictures’ on social media.


I was also able to create a personal constitution to guide my lifestyle: I wasn’t living on trends; as a king, I create the trend. I had a mind re-engineering where I was able to work on my mindset and re-calibrate my attitude. That way, I scaled my personal and work productivity and seamlessly achieve my goals. The impact, the mileage, and the influence so far is humbling.


What if I had not embarked on my journey?

Where are you currently?

Let’s do a quick assessment; does this sound like you?

You’re trying to figure out your next move but it’s not so clear

You want to be intentional about life, you don’t just want to watch things happen; you want to make things happen. You know you are tired of following the bandwagon and copying other people’s goals and milestones on LinkedIn and Instagram; you really want to find your true north, that sense of direction in every wise so you don’t run other people’s dreams, but you’re not certain about how to.

You know that there is more to life than the typical routine

You know that there is more to life, you want to get more out of your career, relationships, & lifestyle. You know there’s more than the work you’re currently doing or the course you studied in school, but you feel trapped by it. You want to know how to generate more value and income from your lifework; live full & fulfilled without denying the world the value you carry but don’t know how to express it.

You feel trapped by the fear of what people will say

You feel trapped by the fear of what people will say, the fear of getting a NO, or just the fear of the unknown. You want to become more audacious, build momentum, and reach for the heights but you feel you are being held back. You feel you're not good enough. You fear you might miss it or fail due to the past experiences you had but haven’t been able to make significant progress.

You really want to break some habits and develop new ones

You really want to have a grip on your actions, and your emotions; live above pressures, and make more informed decisions but not sure how to. You fear getting to heaven and end up discovering you didn’t fulfill the reason God sent you to the earth or you know what to do, but you’re not sure when, where, and how to go about it or start afresh again. You need a coach to hold your hands along your path

What if you can ditch those fears?

Now if those concerns sound like what you experience, you’re probably in one of these 2 camps:

Camp 1: Let’s see how it GOES

Do nothing, exit this page; continue living as life unfolds without doing anything and building any capacity. This category of young adults make up the mob, the generality who focus only on whatever the society says; they act on impulses and urges without urgency and purpose.

Camp 2: Let’s see how it GROWS

Do something; continue growing, taking responsibility for life outcomes, by preparation. This category of young adults make up the top tier 1% of young adults who are living a wholesome life, growing and glowing holistically; they act on purpose and are intentional about every sphere of life. They make no assumptions through life. They are exceptional. That is you!

What can you do NOW?

You can grow in clarity, find meaning to life and align your life to your life’s purpose. This is what I call Harmony. Your spiritual, career, academics, social, emotional, marital sectors are not separate entities of life; they are designed to revolve around the central hub of your life’s purpose to form a wholesome man and woman.

As such, life is best lived in harmony; every part including your career, relationships, and lifestyle in alignment and agreement. It’s just like a car or a truck, the wheels don’t form a ‘separate life’ with a separate purpose/destination of their own. The wheels revolve around the axle which propels towards the same purpose/destination of the vehicle. The purpose of your life is what propels your career, relationships, and lifestyle, they are not separate entities in themselves. That is HARMONY.


I found I could live in harmony, be successful in my career, academics, and relationships and live full and fulfilled at the same time without pausing one aspect of my life. I found something that made life bigger than ambition; I was no longer empty, and my self-esteem was restored. It gave me a purpose for living and a reason to add value to every life I meet.

What If?

What if you can master how to build harmony thereby achieving significant success in your career, academics, relationships, social, and emotional domains without guesswork and overwhelm irrespective of your background, status or qualifications. What if you can build a purposeful and profitable fulfilling career, take your relationships to a new level and build a blissful family life; master how to live without any form of regrets…

Yes, you can position for all-round success from your 20s and 30s

But I thought age is just a number. Unfortunately, it’s not. If you see a 35 year old woman on diapers, sucking her fingers, would you be shocked? Of course you will, the reason being that, at that age, that phase of development should have been a thing of the past.

This is the season to grow in self-awareness, discover & define your mission, grow global competency in your career, scale in mileage, and refine your lifestyle for the kind of future you’re leading.

Imagine you can crack the code for a successful adult life in all domains of life? Adulting can be tasking and demanding; what if you can transition seamlessly and master how to navigate each sphere of life without future regrets and destiny mistakes?

As a young adult, you may be thinking, how do I master all areas of my life and succeed in all at the same time? The deception most times is to ‘focus’ on one area and neglect others until a time one is ‘ready’ and no longer ‘busy.’ Unfortunately, it’s a deception. What if you find a methodology that helps you achieve all-round success and holistic growth without sacrificing or pausing other areas of life? That’s what the Life Harmony Coaching Methodology will do for you.

With Mr. Jimi Tewe, a Global Transformation Expert

What if I can show you the faster way?

Let’s face it, you have one life and you don’t have a spare. The faster way is for you to build harmony! That way, you can achieve holistic growth for all-round success in careers, relationships & lifestyle without fear, overwhelm & regrets.

Introducing the next cohort of the

Life Harmony Bootcamp

A 60-day online transformational life coaching program that empowers you to live life with meaning, and position for significant success in your career, lifestyle, and relationships.

Yes, Dr. Abraham, I’m ready to begin living to my true essence, not chasing shadows. I know there’s more. I’m ready to build a meaningful career, start purposeful relationships and install a productive lifestyle beyond competitions and comparisons

During this period, I’ll walk you through the “SACK” method, my unique coaching methodology


Dr. Abraham Owoseni is God-sent! I have never known myself as much as I do now

Over the years I have battled with low self-esteem issues, trying to fit in, depression, and trying to understand myself. I was looking forward to knowing my relevance in life, understanding myself, and just having a guide. I was also looking forward to growing in all areas of my life. At first, I wasn’t so sure why I was registering for it but now I’m super excited I did. I have found purpose. My self-esteem is better, I understand myself, and I found the proper values needed for my purpose. I’ve been able to be in sync with God. It has always been an issue of concern to me to know what to do and when to do it; but during the courses, I found it easier for me to just do things better. I love the fact that I met Dr. Abraham Owoseni because through the courses he took us through I have been able to discover purpose, fight my low self-esteem, and understand that I have a unique personality. Dr. Abraham Owoseni is God-sent! I have never known myself as much as I do now. I found a bearing for my life. I’ve built confidence. Dr. Abraham Owoseni has been of immense impact on my life. He speaks words of wisdom when he talks and then I’m like wow! I bless the day my friend introduced me here. Every module always resonates with me. It’s like when I go to church and I ask God to speak to me through his servant and that’s the same experience I get after every module. I get ministered to as well. I’m so honored to know a man like this. For it is not a mistake he came into my life at such a time like this. I’m looking forward to finishing the course and going to impact my world. I cannot speak about my growth process without Dr. Abraham Owoseni.

Lois O.

This just came in the right season of my life.
I'm quite laid back; I just wasn't intentional to drive good success. With the teaching, I came in with the hope to gain traction. The experience was amazing and impactful. Dr. Abraham was so detailed about the teaching and his energy and passion was the bomb. He dwelt on intentionality in simple terms; this just came in the right season of my life.
Abraham Owoseni is someone that obviously knows his onions
Before I signed up, I needed to understand how I can discover and get more clarity about my purpose. Through the Life Harmony Challenge, I was able to understand and get insight into another dimension of my purpose. The audio content and worksheets forced me to think deeply; something one needs to do more. Abraham Owoseni is someone that obviously knows his onions and is confident in what the "Manufacturer" has called him to do - and the fruits are obvious!
T.A., Ontario, Canada

Like dough in oil, I have soaked this new knowledge and I can never be my old self

Before coming on board, I was unable to fully articulate my mission. I had an idea but it was still unclear. The Life Harmony Community was so insightful and eye opening. Discovering purpose is not enough, an attitude must accompany it. This course has helped me ask and answer the right questions. In providing responses, I sometimes had to spend hours brooding over some salient questions. Having identified and fully defined my mission of teaching African creatives to make a living doing what they love and my audience, I went on to create a new Instagram account to provide helpful content on the business of freelancing. Freelancing is the most common business model adopted by creatives. This was indeed an insightful journey for which I am most grateful. Like dough in oil, I have soaked this new knowledge and I can never be my old self. I loved the harmony of all the modules. They all flowed into one another.  Dr. Abraham is a focused and result-driven Individual. He is confident in delivery and expression. Visual aids are spot on and fit the context of whatever he is discussing per time. A phenomenal individual who knows exactly why he is on this planet and is on track. His actions continually prove that he is indeed passionate about the holistic development of young people. Dr. Abraham is not blowing hot air; he is indeed a man on a mission. God bless him abundantly. I sincerely appreciate the feedback and encouragement. I plan on revisiting the entire course again. So Profound!

Daniel I.

Are you ready to be more intentional about your life and this season you’re in?

Don't Just Take my Words, Hear from my Students

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Because of living a life of harmony, I have appeared on a number of national TVs, radio stations & press media outlets; trained over 12,000 + adolescents and young adults with the life skills and tools to live exceptional and intentional lives; authored eleven (11) amazing books and resources with truckloads of impactful feedback so far; worked with over 75+ corporate organisations that work with young people through my speaking, consulting & training programs; received several awards and recognitions such as the Outstanding Education Supporting Individual Award, Alumni Hero Award of Outstanding Leadership, Social Innovators Award, Honours Award in Recognition of Outstanding Contributions, Rotary Club Appreciation Award for contribution towards Basic Education and Literacy, Tech-Savvy Teacher International Educator of the Week, Fellow, Youth ActionNet, International Youth Foundation among others. 


My books, training & mentoring programs, podcast, coaching sessions and other resources on print & online media have been notable tools in remoulding thousands of minds across Africa, North America, Asia and Europe.

I want to take you along on a journey to building harmony

Dr. Abraham O. Owoseni

Education & Youth Development Expert

Certified Life Coach, Speaker & Trainer on Life Skills, Author, University Don & Youth Minister, Dr. Abraham helps young people build the right foundation early in life so they can get established and lead purposeful and productive lives without regrets, guess works, fears and self-doubts. He teaches and coaches adolescents and young adults to acquire the right mindset and skillset to build a wholesome and holistic life in their careers, relationships and lifestyle using his unique “SACK” method. His message of holistic development has impacted thousands of lives and transformed young people following his life mission of raising young people & moulding minds. 


Adulthood is not about living alone, getting an apartment or making decisions alone; there’s a whole lot more. My mission is for you to master the in-betweens, grow in clarity and mindset and be part of the 3% of the world’s population who have a definition of where they’re going in life.


Because of you, I'm doing so many things right

I was looking to decipher the right people I should get along with in my life journey as well as have clarity on who I should be in a relationship with. This mentorship session has helped me define what I want and who I should expect in my life, most importantly, I now know truly who I am – a queen of honor! I have been able to define the kind of people to journey with, the purpose mates. Now, I can easily identify them and build a connection with them. Also, I can simply discern the “MAN” I am a “WOMAN” to, the very person amongst many I can be able to help. My experience with Dr. Abraham Owoseni has been an amazing and helpful as well. Sincerely, I see him as a God’s sent to the youths and that is tied to the fact that he is always making an impact on their spiritual and social lives through education; moulding their minds into greatness. Because of you, I’m doing so many things right and I know a lot of lives has been changed because you are living your purpose on earth

Rejoice A.

It is rather experienced than told!
The intentionality of the entire program - I believe the hallmark of life harmony is intentionality where we do not just fall for anything but pay great attention to everything that happens and we do in our lives. While I am learning consistency with the course, every time I spent learning was revelatory and insightful. I have been able to come into the reality that harmony is achievable and becoming intentional about achieving harmony in every area of my life. Every of my experience with Dr. Abraham Owoseni has always been exceptional and this one is not left out. More specifically, the follow-up system, the community, the coaching calls and definitely the classes made the experience worth the while. I guess I would say it is rather experienced than told!
Chika I.
Reading my reflection worksheets has shown how I have grown
When I enrolled, the goal was to get a clearer understanding of my career journey and to have someone that I'll be accountable to. I've been able to get a clearer description of what I want out of life as well as my career journey. I've been blessed with the words of wisdom from the videos/audios. Reading my reflection worksheets has shown how I have grown in understanding my life and career journey. The course modules were self-explanatory and it came with reflection worksheets. These worksheets gave insights into understanding your core self, your purpose and pursuits in life. The courses were self-paced giving ample time for personal reflection and turning it into positive actions. Dr. Abraham continues to push got me to complete my course modules and move on to the next phase. It's been an amazing ride all together.
Rose A.

I want more people to understand and see this light EARLY IN LIFE

I love the detailing and methods of presentation broken in modules and can be understood by all. I now have more clarity from the many lessons learnt. I also realised that in pursuing the ‘Why we are born in LIFE which determines the ‘Course of LIFE,’ we need to know that our careers are interrelated like the ecosystem; failure to play your part is like failing the entire system, no room for selfish ambitions. Every single moment I spend with Abraham Owoseni reminds me of my LIFE WORK and a double-check of my mileage. He is a blessing to the body of Christ and this generation especially ME. I want more people to understand and see this light EARLY IN LIFE. It was very impactful and mind-blowing

Daniel O.

Harmony is built in Stages

1. Should I Start with Career Harmony?

2. Should I Start with Lifestyle Harmony?

3. Should I Start with Relationship Harmony?


You are not Alone, I’m with you.

If it took four years for you to get a degree, then, you need time to re-programme your mind and get it to the right mould for such an intentional, purposeful and productive life. The world needs your best self; please don’t deny the world. 

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It's not just about planning to hit a goal but who you grow to become.

Can you focus on YOU this time? Your YOU requires attention, care, growth. This is what really matters

I like the way John Maxwell, one of my most revered role models puts it. He said, “If you focus on goals, you may hit your goals – but that doesn’t guarantee growth. If you focus on growth, you will grow and always hit your goals.”

You Choose

Limited Slots Available

The courses have shaped me and guided me to living a holistic life
At the end of 2021, I was so disturbed about how to balance, my spiritual, business, academic life, financial, and marital life together without having to rob/pause one for the other. I was also looking forward to finding my career path, solving my financial crisis and living a fulfilling life. The courses have shaped me and guided me to living a holistic life, a life where all areas of life have a common goal. I love the way the module were arranged, they were arranged in the right sense of learning, just like A before B and B before C. What an amazing journey with Dr. Abraham. He held our hands throughout the journey, giving room for clarity. The journey has been amazing, with lots of encounters, lots of discovery, lots of attention, and lots of intentional decisions. The experiences from the coaching call can't be summarised. Dr. Abraham is a man of purpose, a real exemplary coach, following him is like following the brightness of light because the more I move closer, the brighter he becomes. I have also become light by following him, people now want to come around me, they want me to speak, they want me to share ideas based on what I have learned, and they want to see my approach to life situations. Dr. Abraham has taught me well.
Jeremiah D.
I wish every young person can see and hear this
I wanted to master how to build a robust relationship with God; this session was an external force to pull me out from my inertia state. Different lessons to learn especially on the path of my destin(y)ation, the transport analogy gave the clearer picture. I wish every young person can see and hear this. You threw more light in choosing a life partner, I love this part so much because it has always been my passion for young people to equip themselves with the right information and also prepare themselves ahead of the future they’ve envisioned. The scripture, “Don’t arouse love, until it’s time” got me thinking. Dr. Abraham has been someone I secretly follow; his ways and footsteps because I believe in him as someone or a template to look up to. My experience with him has been amazing. Dr. Abraham Owoseni ignites the giftings inside of me. He has always been the nitro boost I needed at every phase of my life.
David A.

Frequently Asked Questions

They Asked, We answered!

Q. But I am busy! Can I enrol while schooling and working?

We recommend that you become productive, and not just busy. Many are busy doing the wrong work, busy in the wrong relationships, busy living a copied lifestyle. A productive life produces fruits and outcomes congruent to God’s plan and purpose for your life. A productive life places constant growth as a priority for living. Moreover, you don’t need to suspend other areas of life because you’re schooling or having a job. Even if you have a 9-5 or running a Masters, you can perfectly be part of the program, it is self-paced, you take it at your own convenience. The question is, do you value your growth? Yes, your schedule is demanding, but it will not be less soon. It keeps getting more demanding as you keep making more impact. Lessons are in the online school, so you can take them in your suitable time of the day, if it’s evenings, nights, early mornings etc.

Q. Why is it so discounted?

Good question; transformation comes at a cost but this has been highly discounted so you can come in with ease. The full value is nothing near the experience. It’s mostly a form of commitment for you and this is our way of contributing to your growth at this time.

Q. Where does this hold?

It’s 100% online.

You will get access to log in to the online portal where you can access the courses and bonuses with your PC connected to the internet. Coaching calls are always at weekends to accommodate different schedules. Moreover, you can also catch the replays should in case you miss any

Q. But I don't have the time for personal growth

That’s probably true, but if you want to succeed, you need to put in the work. Get up an hour earlier, stay up an hour later. Give up your lunch hour, put in an extra time during the weekend. If you don’t, then you will have to prepare to give up your dreams and any hope of reaching your potential. Growth requires discipline.

Q. But I can learn from experiences

Many people learn only from the school of hard knocks. Difficult experiences teach them lessons “the hard way.” But the lessons are random and haphazard. Plus, not all experience offers growth. It’s much better to go for planned growth which is well-curated with defined outcomes.

Q. I prefer a one-on-one executive private coaching with Dr. Abraham as against this group coaching program

That’s pretty fine, you get faster actionable result with the Executive Coaching with Dr. Abraham, see more details at

Q. What happens after payment?

You will get your electronic receipt and other onboarding emails. The Life Harmony Bootcamp kicks off on July 9th 2022.

Q. Can I Start another Track after the 60 days?

Yes you can. After completing any of the three tracks, you can enroll and pay for another track that is most urgent to you until you are done with the three tracks. If you want access to all the three tracks right away, you can choose the Life Harmony Bundle instead.

Q. How long will I have access to the courses?

Once you have purchased any of the tracks, you will have access to the content for as long as you’re enrolled. Access to the online school is for a year.

Q. Can I get help if I get “stuck” with something?

Yes please, someone from our team will be available to respond to your mails and enquiries. Just push a mail to to get it resolved, whatever may be the challenge. You can also share via our private community and get a swift response.

Q. Can I pay by Transfer?

If you prefer to make a transfer, please make it to MindMould Resources; Account Number: 5800037187 / Heritage Bank

Send us an evidence of payment afterwards to

Q. Can I pay for someone?

Yes you can, just ensure you put in their details in the checkout process. Then, alert them to keep tab with their mails for onboarding details and log in detail.

Q. I Still Have Some Clarifications to Make

Please reach our team via email at or send a quick WhatsApp message here

Any questions, please reach us at


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