Finding Essence and Meaning Course
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Welcome to the Finding Essence and Meaning Course.

This first course is a prerequisite before starting your preferred track (either Career, Relationships, or Lifestyle Harmony). You can’t build harmony if you haven’t grown in clarity of purpose. This is what infuses meaning to your career, relationships and lifestyle.

Harmony is achieved when all spheres of life are connected to that central hub, the deepest core of your existence. It’s time to grow in clarity about that, FIRST. Are you ready?

This will take the form of a challenge, for 10 days. So, we can call this, the Life Harmony Challenge [LHC].

 [LHC] is a 10-Day Journey to Life Clarity & Harmony. You can take a module a day; but if you can take two modules or more in a day, it’s also fine. Do ensure to work on the worksheets and send them in for each module.


Let me share some thoughts with you that will help you get the best value from the Life Harmony Challenge:

1. If you don’t expect it, you won’t experience it
First, I want to encourage you to have an open mind. I respect your current beliefs and ideals and I do not refute them. However, to get the best from this program, you will need to have an open mind. Doubt is a silent trap, don’t give room to it. Also, I want you to define your expectation specifically and have it in a place you can see. Expectation still remains a subconscious factor in achieving any goal. If you don’t expect it, then why would you experience it? Define your expectation, it could be, “to grow in clarity on my life purpose and know what next to do” or, “to articulate my life purpose and how it influences my career” etc. Whichever expectation you desire, you can go ahead and define it.

2. Documentation is the new gold
No matter how fantastic, the inspiration/idea you get is, without proper documentation of it in the first 1-2 minutes, you may lose it. This is why; I suggest you have a special notepad for this program. I suggest a paperback/ hardcover notepad. Of course, you can also keep an e-note. As you listen to each audio resource daily, you can pause, pen down ideas even as you get along.

3. Busyness is not a gift or an award. 
One trap that can deny you from getting the best of value from this program is that word ‘busy.’ Many people are busy but they are not productive. They do things that are not urgent and not even important. Because of this, they clutter themselves with so many things and then say “I am busy”
Don’t let that be you. This is one program that will set the tone for many aspects of your life. Give it your best and commit to it by creating time.

a. Creating time to listen and meditate on each audio resource,
b. Creating time to think even as you ask the right questions;
c. Creating time to document your nudges and insights into your notepad and worksheets.

Look out for what works best for you. Early morning time is good, the afternoon is solemn, the night is also good, the cool of the evening is also apt. Work it out and be consistent with it.

4. Solitude and Meditation
The bustling and hustling of town most times does not allow us to find time to really be alone where we can think through; I perfectly understand. Traffic, noise pollution… As good as these excuses are, you can still create the experience and atmosphere you want.
You need times of solitude as you listen to your audio resources and think. You need times of meditation where you ask the right questions and times to fill in your worksheets.

If you keep to these four guidelines, you will surely have a good learning experience.
Let me recap them again:

– If you don’t expect it, you won’t experience it
– Documentation is the new gold
– Busyness is not a gift or an award.
– Solitude and Meditation

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Samuel Akpoiroro 1 year ago
Samuel Akpoiroro 1 year ago
'Documentation is gold', this phrase gave me a moment of thought .
Igwe Arinze 1 year ago
'Busyness is not a gift or Award'~ This sentence spoke a lot to me.
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