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Relationship-Harmony Course

Course Duration: 10h

About Course

Take Your Relationship To A Whole New Level Of Clarity & Harmony. Imagine the confidence, preparedness, and fulfillment this will give you
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What I will learn?

  • Clarity on the principal tool for achieving harmony;
  • Re-routing Marriage as a tool for purpose;
  • How to start a friendship that will lead to Courtship (Purpose mates);
  • Identifying a Soulmate from several Purpose mates;
  • 5 Indicators to Building Relationship-Harmony

Topics for this course


  • [Audio] Welcome to Relationship-Harmony Course

Module 1: The Journey

  • The Journey to Relationship Harmony
  • Assignment: [RHC] Worksheet 1

Book Review [Audiobook]

  • Life, Love and the In-betweens [Audiobook]

Module 2: Ship Mission

  • Marriage as a ‘Ship
  • Assignment: [RHC] Worksheet 2

Book Review [ebook]

  • Fellows-in-a-Ship

Module 3: Purpose Mates and Soulmates

  • Starting a ‘Ship: Purpose Mates and Soulmates
  • Assignment: [RHC] Worksheet 3

Module 4: Capacity Building and Nuptial Vows

  • Capacity Building and Nuptial Vows
  • Assignment: [RHC] Worksheet 4

Feedback in Learning

  • Relationship-Learning-Experience-Worksheet

About the instructors

Dr. Abraham Owoseni
Dr. Abraham Owoseni is a seasoned thought-leader in the fields of education & youth development passionate about improving the developmental outcomes of young people towards successful transition to adulthood. He helps young people build the right foundation early in life so they can get established and lead purposeful and productive lives without regrets, guess works, fears and self-doubts. He teaches and coaches adolescents and young adults to acquire the right mindset and skillset to build a wholesome and holistic life in their careers, relationships & lifestyle using his unique “SACK” method. For over a decade, Abraham’s message of holistic development has impacted thousands of lives and transformed young people following his life mission of raising young people & moulding minds. He does this as an Education & Youth Development Specialist, Life Harmony Coach, Speaker & Trainer on Life Skills with multi-disciplinary experience and expertise in learning and development, life coaching, youth work, architecture, and higher education. His publications including books, scientific articles, conference proceedings, training programs, podcast, coaching sessions and other resources on print & online media have been notable tools in remoulding thousands of minds across Africa, North America, Asia and Europe. His educational interventions and youth development programs have improved the developmental outcomes of more than 12,000 young people since 2011.   He is accessible at www.abrahamowoseni.com

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Material Includes

  • Four (4) Modules/Video Lessons [Value - N 120, 000 / $313 ]
  • Four (4) Worksheets that Really Work [Value - N 40, 000 / $104]
  • Group Coaching Session [Value - N35, 000 / $91]
  • Book Review #1 -e-book, Fellows-in-a-SHIP: How to Start a Friendship That Will Lead to Courtship without Shipwreck [Value - N 3, 000 / $8]
  • AudioBook Review # - LOVE, LIFE & THE IN-BETWEENS -N 3, 000 / $8]


  • Life is designed to be lived in harmony; every part including your career, relationships, and lifestyle in alignment and agreement, to form a wholesome man and woman.

Target Audience

  • Ideal For Unmarried Young Adults, Bachelors And Spinsters

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