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Is this you?

  • “I know that there is more about me than what I am doing now;
  • I want to have a sense of direction in every wise in career, in education, in relationships;
  • I want to know how to generate more value and income from my work;
  • I desire to get established and walk in God’s plan for my life;
  • I’m still not clear about my strengths & gifts…
  • I want to have a grip on my actions, my emotions, and lifestyle”

Does this sound like you?

  • You fear running other people’s dreams;
  • The fear of missing it or failing
  • Fear of getting to heaven and end up discovering you didn’t fulfill your life assignment;
  • You know what to do, but you’re not well informed regarding when, where, and how it will unfold;
  • You’re trying to figure out the next move and it’s not so clear;
  • You want to change direction, develop new habits, relationships but you fear failing;
  • You prefer all-round development and success to just success in one area of life

Then, I have a Special Invitation for you to Join the top tier 1% of young adults who are living a wholesome life, growing and glowing holistically. Interested?

But first, there are 3 gifts from God you need to work on NOW and like every gift, if you don’t treasure them and use them well, you can lose them in no time:

1. Time

The first is time; you expend this every single day. And just like dollars or pounds, this is the currency of life; you can either spend it or invest it. In this season of life, you have such a lump sum of time to build the right foundation for your career, relationships and lifestyle. If this time is lost in frivolities, pleasures and unprofitable trends and interests, it can never be regained again. How best can you invest time in this season?

2. Energy

The second is energy and just like time, energy level diminishes with age. In this season of your life, you have such an ample ooze of energy that can help you achieve great career feats, and propel your life’s journey if directed in the right endeavour and causes. But how do you know what best to invest your energy into? How best do you maximize the strength of this season?

3. Momentum

If you maximize time and energy and fail in this, the equation is not balanced yet. This season of life is laced with all sorts of fear that can stiffen your drive. Talk about the fear of failing, fear of the unknown, fear of getting No, fear of livelihood, fear of heart breaks, and all sorts? How can you overcome these fears and break the inertia so you can build momentum and grow in your mileage early in life?


Are you ready to be more intentional about your life and this season you’re in?

And yes, you don’t have to trade one aspect of your life for the other; you can be intentional about all spheres and productive in all. Life is designed to be lived in harmony; every part including your career, relationships and lifestyle in alignment and agreement, to form a wholesome man and woman. This is what I call life harmony.


Look at it this way, your marital life is not another different life, neither is your career life. It is the SAME life you have. It’s just like a car with four or six wheels. All the wheels work together in harmony for there to be motion. They move in the same direction towards the same destination. Whether it is your social, emotional, spiritual, marital, academics or career; they can all be in agreement and alignment, in harmony, progressing and advancing towards fulfilling your dream and purpose as a man or woman.

Adulting can be tasking and demanding; what if you can transition seamlessly and master how to navigate each sphere of life without future regrets and destiny mistakes?

You make a choice from these two (2) categories:

Category 1: Let’s see how it GOES

Do nothing, exit this page; continue living as life unfolds without doing anything and building any capacity. This category of young adults make up the mob, the generality who focus only on whatever the society says; they act on impulses and urges without urgency and purpose.

Category 2: Let’s see how it GROWS

Do something; continue growing, taking responsibility for life outcomes, by preparation. This category of young adults make up the top tier 1% of young adults who are living a wholesome life, growing and glowing holistically; they act on purpose and are intentional about every sphere of life. They make no assumptions through life. They are exceptional. That is you!

But you need to act now if that is truly you

Introducing the

Life Harmony Community

A six-month inner circle for young adults who desire to grow holistically and exceptionally, building harmony in their careers, relationships and lifestyle for purposeful and productive living

This is a membership community for young adults who want to find a sense of meaning in life, grow exceptionally in their careers, relationships, and lifestyle without the overwhelms of adult life.

During these six months, I’ll walk you through the “SACK” method, my coaching methodology for working with young adults.


I want more people to understand and see this light EARLY IN LIFE

I love the detailing and methods of presentation broken in modules and can be understood by all. I now have more clarity from the many lessons learnt. I also realised that in pursuing the ‘Why we are born in LIFE which determines the ‘Course of LIFE,’ we need to know that our careers are interrelated like the ecosystem; failure to play your part is like failing the entire system, no room for selfish ambitions. Every single moment I spend with Abraham Owoseni reminds me of my LIFE WORK and a double-check of my mileage. He is a blessing to the body of Christ and this generation especially ME. I want more people to understand and see this light EARLY IN LIFE. It was very impactful and mind-blowing

Daniel O.

Project Manager

What People Say

Dr. Abraham Owoseni is a young, dynamic leader with a track record of success. His passion for seeing young people grow and develop is out of this world. Last year I attended one of his seminars, and I went home reshaped. I have seen him teach and mentor many students and through his teaching, most of them have discovered themselves and are improving


Paul Ogundile

Educator | Financial mathematician | Quantitative analyst

Thank you for being such an amazing Coach; I am glad our paths crossed. It was an interesting time sharing my life work and career goals with you. I gained so much clarity on growth after our discussion.


Omotayo Okewunmi

Protocol Officer, Manufacturers Association of Nigeria MAN

Abraham on so many levels is a role model; he has the characteristics of a great leader. Well-mannered and very articulate with his words and personality. He is passionate at teaching people with the aim of letting them realize their purpose. He is responsible for a lot of positive mental mind shifts in the Nigerian youths today.


Abiodun Shonibare

Architect at Studio Stoone Designs

Thank you for the Career Clarity

First, I want to say thank you for the Career Clarity Workshop you held few years back. That workshop made a lot of things clear to me and set me on the path I’m currently trailing in social impact and development. Following that workshop, I defined what my dream work should be like and I started to actively search for what industry contains my passions, so that I could pursue it as a career as opposed to just exploring them as a hobby. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I got that dream job. I’ll be working with a global organisation and leading their operations in Sub-saharan Africa.

I can now see life from a different perspective

I had a fixed mindset about relating with people both male and female, which resulted to an unhealthy relationship with people around me. It is so pleasing to know that life is a journey and we have to network with people going along our journey. I never saw this as a reason to relate with people before. This experience was an eye-opener for me; I can now see life from a different perspective concerning my relation with people. I now have a growth mindset about my relation with people and I know what to watch out when relating with people. This experience has also made me to start preparing myself for my marital life, and also maintaining a healthy relationship with the opposite sex. I thank God for knowing and meeting Abraham Owoseni as a mentor. He has been such an amazing blessing to my life. Surprisingly, every of his session have always been a blessing to every page of my life as if he knows what I'm passing through or where I am.

Who is this Inner-circle for?

The Life Harmony Community is for exceptional young adults who want to live a wholesome life, growing and glowing holistically in their career, relationships and lifestyle.

In the journey of life, there's always something to LEARN, UNLEARN or RELEARN. Join others on a journey of learning & growth


Because of you, I'm doing so many things right

I was looking to decipher the right people I should get along with in my life journey as well as have clarity on who I should be in a relationship with. This mentorship session has helped me define what I want and who I should expect in my life, most importantly, I now know truly who I am – a queen of honor! I have been able to define the kind of people to journey with, the purpose mates. Now, I can easily identify them and build a connection with them. Also, I can simply discern the “MAN” I am a “WOMAN” to, the very person amongst many I can be able to help. My experience with Dr. Abraham Owoseni has been an amazing and helpful as well. Sincerely, I see him as a God’s sent to the youths and that is tied to the fact that he is always making an impact on their spiritual and social lives through education; moulding their minds into greatness. Because of you, I’m doing so many things right and I know a lot of lives has been changed because you are living your purpose on earth

Rejoice A.

Sneak peak of what you get inside this community

In Six (6) months [24 weeks], we'll cover:

What If...

Let’s talk about that. I respect your decisions and choices. However, think about it this way; every sphere of your life is inside your life, not outside. As such, your career, relationship and lifestyle are all inside. And that is why harmony is needed. The point is not about which to focus on, but building yourself to be WHOLE. A car needs brake fluid, hydraulic fluid, fuel and many others. Do you choose which to ‘focus’ on? I’ll recommend you focus on you, choose all-round development, and don’t let any sphere suffer. 


You’ll be grateful you did.

As a Coach,

I help adolescents and young adults acquire the right mindset and skillset to build a wholesome and holistic life in their careers, relationships & lifestyle thereby living a purposeful and productive life without future regrets using my unique “SACK” method.

If you’ve always desired to live a holistic life that is well-aligned to the essence of your being and purpose for living, then it’s no coincidence that our paths just crossed. This has been the essence of my being: raising young people, moulding minds.

Dr. Abraham Owoseni

For over a decade, I have trained and coached more than 12,000 young people to become more purposeful and productive in career, lifestyle & relationships. My books, training & mentoring programs, podcast, coaching sessions and other resources on print & online media have been notable tools in remoulding thousands of minds across Africa, North America, Asia and Europe.


I want to take you along on a journey to building harmony


The Life Harmony Community is the software program to drive your life’s hardware.

But you need to re-program the default software you’ve been conditioned with unconsciously by peers, society, and experiences. If it took four years for you to get a degree, then, you need time to re-programme your mind and get it to the right mould for such an intentional, purposeful and productive life you’ll be glad to share with your children and grandchildren. The world needs your best self; please don’t deny the world. This is the time for you to decide.

The Life Harmony Community gives you access to:

Access to the Online School

Here you get access to rich video and audio lessons, worksheets, assignments, quizzes on career-harmony, relationship-harmony and lifestyle-harmony

Find Clarity of Purpose

The first four (4) weeks of the community is focused on finding and growing in clarity of purpose through the Life Harmony Challenge so you can find a stronger meaning to life

Bi-Monthly Group coaching calls

Twice every month, we jump on a LIVE coaching call where you get access to group coaching sessions on career, relationship and lifestyle plus Q & A session on any areas still not clear to you

Worksheets & Templates

For a practical and transformational learning experience, each course inside the Life Harmony Community is enriched with worksheets. You get to fill and submit. 

Book Reviews, Podcast & Blog reviews

An opportunity to cascade the learning experience is through monthly book reviews. Not only books, but we also get to review recommended movies, blog articles, and preselected podcast epiodes.

Private Membership Community

We have a closed-knitted community on Facebook and WhatsApp so we can keep in touch practically, meet and support others, and network with members of the community.

Access to Guest Mentors

Intermittently, we get to have live masterclasses with guest mentors. That way, you get to learn from their experience and mileage so you can repleciate easily.

E-Mail Support

As a member, you have priority email access. Just e-mail anytime and you get proven solutions to any challenge you may be facing. Priceless!

Physical/Virtual Meet Up

In the last two weeks of our community, you have an opportunity for a physical or a virtual meet up if you have completed all modules

Join the Waitlist

Another cohort will begin in June, 2022, please join the waitlist so you can get first-time info

To join the waitlist, get a FREE copy of the Life Harmony Blueprint

Definitely you can, the program is designed with that in mind. You don’t need to suspend other areas of life because you’re schooling or having a job. Even if you have a 9-5 or running a Masters, you can perfectly be part of the community.

Think of it this way, ‘we are all ‘busy.’ Suffice to say, we are mostly preoccupied. However, we create time for what we value. The question then is, do you value your growth?

Yes, your schedule is demanding, but it will not be less soon. It keeps getting more demanding as you keep making more impact.


The deception most times is to think you have to pause one for another. No you don’t have to. I’ll coach you more on this in the community, that’s harmony.

I know you have great goals for the year; goals are great, but they shouldn’t stop you from growing holistically.

Lessons are in the online school, so you can take them in your suitable time of the day, if it’s evenings, nights, early mornings etc. 

Good question, transformation comes at a cost but this has been highly discounted so you can come in with ease. The full value is nothing near the experience. It’s mostly a form of commitment for you and this is our way of contributing to your growth at this time.

It’s 100% online. 

You can go at your pace within the given timelines. However, there is a price for growth. Nothing happens by chance. The Life Harmony Community requires your commitment to growth. 

Plus coaching calls and Q & As are always at weekends to accommodate different schedules & demands. Moreover, you can also catch the replays should in case you miss any.

You will get your electronic receipt and other onboarding emails. Login details to your member-only account will be sent as well to you so that you can access the online school at the start of the Life Harmony Community in January, so everyone starts together.

How different is a meal of rice from a bag of rice? The Life Harmony Community is that bag; it provides access beyond what other courses provide plus a blend of other features, support and community. This is focused on wholeness, all-round development, beyond taking my individual course in career, relationship or lifestyle.

Once you have purchased the Life Harmony Community in any of the subscription plans, you will have access to the content for as long as you’re enrolled. Access to the online school is for a year.

Membership is just for one person; however, if you want to share the benefits with other young adults, then you can invite them to join the Life Harmony Community and receive their own login and password. If you want this experience for your team/group, please reach us at for a special package for your team

Membership ends at the expiration of the sixth month. However, you will still have access to the online school for six more months. In addition, you will become an alumnus and remain in our exclusive private community where you can get mutual support from others.

Yes please, there are live Q and A sessions and bi-monthly group coaching calls. If you have something that can’t wait to the next call, you can share via email or our private community and get swift response.

Membership opens January of every year and runs through to June. Its best you join in now, else you have to wait till the next year and it will never be at this entry cost, better to join in now.

Yes there is!

In the final year, I got clarity of purpose. As a result, we have a special extra discount to help to-be professionals in the final year or the penultimate year. Kindly share a screenshot of your University/Polytechnic ID card and social media URLS to us by mail. Tell us why you really want to join this community. Send them to

Then, wait back and expect a reply.

Yes you can, just ensure you put in their details, email…in the checkout process. A


Then, alert them to keep tab with their mails for onboarding details and log in detail.

I am looking forward to welcoming you to the Life Harmony Community. Go ahead…. claim your spot now!

Any questions, please reach us at


Be kind to share and invite others