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Self-Management Strategies: The Unconventional Lifestyle of Effective Leaders

Course Duration: 7h 30m

About Course

Everyone is a leader, but how do you manage yourself without overwhelms and burnouts in today's fast-paced world? In the words of Daniel Goleman, he said, “We are being judged by a new yardstick; not just how smart we are, or by our training and expertise, but also how well we handle ourselves and each other.” Leadership begins with self; you can’t manage others without managing your mind, your decisions, pressures, goals, appearance, time, and resources. As professionals and leaders, we all live & deliver on installed capacity; this course presents to you, self-management strategies to enhance your capacity for wholesome wellbeing and personal productivity.
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What I will learn?

  • Master how to:
  • Manage your Mind
  • Manage your Decisions
  • Manage your Goals
  • Manage your Appearance
  • Manage Pressures
  • Manage your Personal Development
  • Manage your Digital Footprint as well as
  • Install Guard Rails around your Daily Living

Course Curriculum

Module 1: The Beginning of Self-Management

Module 2: Mindset -Your Inner Self

Module 3: Values, your Personal Guard Rails

Module 4: Managing your Decisions

Module 5: Managing your Goals

Module 6: Managing your Physical Appearance

Module 7: Managing Pressures

Module 8: Managing your Personal Development

Module 9: Managing your Digital Footprint

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Material Includes

  • Video Lessons
  • Life coaching Worksheets
  • Unlimited Priority Email Access


  • Accessing the online school is pretty simple and intuitive.
  • All you need is a laptop or your mobile device to access the online school with internet access. However, the experience is preferable on a laptop/tablet/desktop.

Target Audience

  • Ideal for professionals and young adults who desire to achieve the learning outcomes

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