The Journey Begins

Welcome to the journey towards holistic success! Our carefully curated Learning Journey for Cohort 3 is designed to guide you through an immersive experience of personal and professional growth.


Journey Towards Success


From the foundational principles of the Life Harmony Framework to specialised courses on Lifestyle, Career, and Relationship Harmony, each phase is meticulously structured to empower you with the tools and insights needed to thrive in all aspects of life.

Admission Letter

Download your admission letter, curated by the Office of the Dean, outlining your journey ahead and welcoming you officially.

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Learning Calendar

Access the learning calendar meticulously designed for this cohort, providing insights into upcoming courses, sessions, and milestones to guide you.

Login Details

Stay tuned and expect your login details in your email. This will grant you access to our online school where you'll find your pre-selected courses per month to enhance your journey.

Facebook Community

Join our private Facebook community, and share your insights, seek advice, and celebrate with others.

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