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Career-Harmony Course

You’re the driver of your career vehicle. But you need to know WHERE you’re driving and learn HOW to steer your career vehicle in the right direction.
It’s fine if you currently feel dissatisfied with what you’re currently doing; dissatisfaction is a blessing. It shows you’re in a season for more.

Within you, you know there’s more but you’re not sure of what it is and how to even bring out “the more.” Don’t sweat it. This course is for you.
If you’re finding it difficult to define what you really want in life; or you currently feel overwhelmed and uncertain about your next CAREER MOVE, you’re in the right place.

I can perfectly relate to your concerns; life is more than the typical routine of schooling, getting a job & marriage. Many studied for a job but never prepared for a career. Your career is not a job, it’s a lifework!

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